Ron Milam did not meet the qualifications to be inducted into the United States Army’s Officer Candidate School (OCS) Hall of Fame except for perhaps one of them, ‘achieving national and international fame from traits learned at OCS.’


However, in a letter from Major General Austin S. Miller which announced Lt. Milam’s induction, it stated that the OCS Hall of Fame acknowledges outstanding leadership from both military as well as civilian public service.  So Milam feels that this must have been part of the reason for his induction into this prestigious group.

Milam said that of the twenty-eight inductees this year, he was one of only five who did not have a military career, so he was completely surprised by this great honor.  Milam served one tour of duty in the Vietnam War from 1971-72 as a Second Lieutenant in the 82ndAirborne Division.  He was stationed at Pleiku.

Milam said that he firmly believes that his selection into the OCS Hall of Fame Class of 2015 was due to his career at Texas Tech which includes his teaching of military history, his studies abroad in Southeast Asia, and the many students who have benefited from his education and military experience as an officer in the Vietnam War as well as his research and a published book.  The induction ceremony took place at Fort Benning, Georgia.

In addition to his book,Not a Gentleman’s War:  An Inside View of Junior Officers in the Vietnam War, he also wrote a chapter about theVietnam Warfor theCompanion to Military History.  He also has two other books currently in progress, one about the most important battles in the final days of the Vietnam War and the other about Cambodia and Kent State.  A future two-volume bookwill be entitledThe Vietnam War and Popular Culture.

Ron Milam is an associate professor of history at Texas Tech University and serves as vice president of the Faculty Senate.  He teaches U.S. history, the history of theVietnam War, as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in military history.  His other accomplishments include being a Fulbright Scholar to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well as being a faculty adviser to the Veteran’s Association at Texas Tech.